Only peaceniks and fools

are against the bombings

they say

Softies who just don't

understand what a good bombing

can do

Softies who just can't

see that killing

is necessary for the advance

of civilization.


Senator John McCain

wanted ground troops

many Republicans and Democrats

were eager to get Bill to

stop the foreplay

stop the masturbating

and go the whole hog!

Now Dubya owns the missile.


And the Big Hard Boys

tell us that civilization

is made safe by

war, by killing,

by hard blows against the enemy

like, well, Genghis Khan and

Tamerlane wiped out those thousands

of Persians and made Central Asia



And the Turks, you know they

solved the Balkans' problems

when they beat the Serbs at Kossovo

in 1389, there's been peace ever



And the Romans invaded the German forest

didn't they and taught those tribesmen

a lesson, making the Mediterranean

and Gaul and Helvetia safe for ever

after from Germanic invasion


Oh but Napoleon raged back and forth

across Europe, all for fraternity

and equality, bringing an end to all those little wars between petty states

marching all the way

to Moscow to show the Russians

that Bonaparte means icy peace!


And the US Army marched

the Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, and

Chickasaws from their homelands

to Oklahoma, making the South the

home of the free, the brave, and the

slaves, and, you know, there never was a civil war!.


Let us tell of the French, British and Turks sacrificing

thousands, the flower of youth,

in the charge of the light brigade

in the Crimea, against the horrible

Russians, saving the Black Sea for

civilized men.


Shall we relate how the French

calling up their troops

in 1870 to prevent the German Empire

from unifying as with peans of

glory they lost Alsace-Lorraine and

guaranteed a century of peace!


And after an Austrian archduke died

the European powers called up their

troops and launched a major

world-wide blood-letting, to

make the whole earth know the benefits

of an era of peace, the annihilation

of the Prussian war machine forever!


But the Japanese sent armies pouring

into China and all of Asia to

show that an East Asia Co-prosperity

Sphere will grow from the profound

silence of many honorable graves.


So it is that any fool can see

that war and might and bombs

and tanks and missiles are

civilization's building blocks,

that war makes peace, war builds

bridges of understanding,

war heals wounds, war makes

thoughts of revenge disappear, war

cleans, purifies, that

"Cruel war makes peace secure"

"la guerra dura haze la paz Segura."


Old Kim Il Sung thought that

with guns he could unify Korea

while Dugout Doug

was sure that by pushing to the Yalu

he could bring China into the war

and thus, with immense armies slaughtering

each other, the Chinese and Korean peoples

could be dragged into the sunlight of unity and peace.


For Saddam has taught us:

War makes peace

War will win the hearts of Iranians

War will bring the Kuwaitis to our bosom

War will teach the Kurds the joy of

      being Iraqis

And the Turks agree, killing Kurds

and George Bush agrees, killing Iraqis

and Bill Clinton agrees, killing Sudanese,

Afghans, Iraqis, Serbs.


And so, century after century,

Politicians and generals,

our august leaders,

have taught us the sure recipe

for love and reconciliation --

bombs! not words!

bullets! not dialogue!


Pride must be protected!

Credibility must be maintained!

Faces must be saved!


For it is better that mothers

should die

that babies should starve

that children should perish

that men should be scarred

than that our leaders of state

should suffer one moment

of embarrassment

one crack in their masks

of mastery!



28 April 1999, revised 8 October 2001

Jack Forbes